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Álvaro de Campos’ poems characterize the apotheosis of Pessoan anguish. His poems replicate an existentially anguished hunt for this means.

Campos anthropomorphizes two battling polar sides with the writer: the desperation for affection and attention; and his wish for shutting away from the world stemming from a sense of nothingness that needs to generally be some thing – each inner thoughts of want

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This reflection leads them to question the trustworthiness of their own personal goals and ambitions. They question their own personal existence, evaluating them selves to inmates within an asylum who have unwavering certainty.

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Para utilizar o site você seleciona sua tabacaria preferida, depois escolhe os produtos e passa os dados para entrega. Em poucos minutos entramos em contato por Whatsapp para confirmar seu pedido e acertar o pagamento.

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Somos a primeira Startup Delivery a reunir varias tabacarias e headshops em um só lugar, assim você encontra uma variedade insana de produtos, um preço justo e ainda recebe na hora e onde estiver!

O sujeito ainda tenta embarcar no caminho da felicidade inaugurado pela pequena, mas rapidamente volta ao seu estado inicial de tristeza logo ao tirar o papel de prata, que constata ser de estanho.

"Tabacaria" by Fernando Pessoa is a deeply introspective and existential poem that reflects within the human ailment along with the search for that means in everyday Palavras chave life.

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The lyrics take a momentarily lighter tone Along with the interlude, encouraging the listener to indulge in simple pleasures like chocolate. However, even this momentary respite is rapidly dismissed because the speaker's feelings return to their internal struggles and thoughts of inadequacy.

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The song serves as a mirrored image on the restrictions of the human condition and the struggle to discover significance within an normally perplexing and transient world.

o sintoma de cansaço e o tédio, como se tudo fosse repetitivo e o sujeito fosse incapaz de viver a vida ou de ter projetos.

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